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  On the 13th of September, the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Lingang Marine Science Park have organised a discussion and networking event centred on the logistics industry in China and abroad. XNode welcomes domestic and international enterprises, and people gathered in our JingAn space to join the discussion and explore the future of the logistics industry with people from around the world.

  Holland Innovation Network


  The Holland Innovation Network in China is part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. We work with companies and research institutes from the Netherlands to facilitate their exploration of innovation opportunities in China. Our offices are located at the Embassy in Beijing, and the Consulate Generals in Shanghai and Guangzhou. We aim to expand and improve the innovation capabilities of the Netherlands by connecting Dutch businesses, research institutes and universities to potential cooperation partners in China. We inform our stakeholders about new (technological) developments, business opportunities and new business models in China by organizing seminars, publishing updates and creating networking opportunities.

  PortXL为全球的港口业务提供创新加速。港口码头的业务占全世界的经济比重非常大,如航运、物流、能源和石油化工都是世界经济的支柱。想要保持在此领域上的领先地位就一定需要创新,而PortXL带来的正是创新加速服务,背靠鹿特丹的大企业:Van Oord, Vopak, Damen, Boskalis, and Port of Rotterdam,他们已经开始在这些领域寻找初创企业,为他们在鹿特丹找到顶尖的客户。而这些加速对于初创企业无异于在未来能够成为港口航运巨头的敲门砖。

  PortXL accelerates worldwide startups to innovate port business. Port business is one of the larger economical sectors in the world. Port sectors like offshore/maritime, logistics, energy and oil & chemicals are the backbone of the world economy. Staying on top of your game requires innovation. This is why PortXL, backed by multiple Rotterdam based multinationals like Van Oord, Vopak, Damen, Boskalis, and Port of Rotterdam, has started to find startups in these sector around the world and help them find their 1st, 2nd or 3rd client in Rotterdam. This can be the stepping stone for these startups to become the next global player in Port business!

  Holland Container Innovations B.V. (HCI)成立于2008年初,从Delft University of Technology拆分出来后他们主要的任务目标就是要成功构想新型的折叠式集装箱。他们很快取得了进展,在2009年3月第一代全尺寸的原型诞生。在2011年6月英联邦科学委员会为最新的原型颁发了证书,在2013年3月产品完全通过ISO认证。现在HCI已经于中国完成折叠式集装箱——4FOLD的生产,并面向客户出售与租赁,并且参与到YES!Delft的科技孵化项目中。

  Holland Container Innovations B.V. (HCI) was established in early 2008 as a spinoff from the Delft University of Technology - their mission being to successfully bring to market the idea of a foldable container. HCI quickly made substantial progress, resulting in the first full-size prototype by early March 2009. In June 2011 HCI had received CSC certification for the newest prototype and as of March 2013 the container was fully ISO certified. Currently HCI produces 4FOLD - the foldable container - in China, and it is for purchase or leasing. HCI also continues to take part in the YES!Delft tech incubator program.


  MARIN, the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, has been an independent and innovative service provider for the maritime industry since 1932. We take initiative to couple our own expertise to various application areas to broaden our ability to solve problems. By maintaining our leadership position in hydrodynamic and nautical research and development, we make our accumulated know-how and experience available for Concept Development, Design Support, Operations Support and Tool Development. We have a dual mission: to provide industry with innovative design solutions; and to carry out advanced research for the benefit of the maritime sector as a whole. MARIN has a joint venture with Shanghai Ship & Shipping Research Institute (SSSRI). With the joint forces, we are able to serve the shipbuilding industry in Asia with the top quality of the world, at a competitive price.

  Ran Marine Technology致力于运用成熟和持续开发中的技术来保护海洋和淡水域的未来,主要专注于污染物处理和对港口及航道的化学清理,Ran Marine利用创新和技术为全球的客户带来更有效、更实在的价值。Ran Marine Technology是一家跨国技术公司,主要在南非与荷兰发展业务,解决日益阻塞航道的人造垃圾问题。AquaDrone是其为实现全球范围内人类港口、海湾、运河等智能管理而开发的项目。

  Ran Marine Technology is dedicated to using the technology & developments of today to protect the oceans and waterways of tomorrow. Primarily focused on waste management and chemical clean-up of ports & waterways, Ran Marine is using innovation & technology to create more efficient & cost effective options for our global clients. RanMarine is a South African/Dutch technology business, developed with the idea of tackling the flow of plastic and man made detritus that is slowly suffocating our oceans before it can be taken offshore. By developing our AquaDrone we hope to man Harbors, Ports, Canals and Mariners globally with 24-hour on-the-water autonomous AquaDrones.


  StaffaIPI was founded to improve safety, sustainability, productivity and profitability for the entire container transport community by implementing the Universal Container Locking System (UCLS) solution. Market need: 225 million containers are loaded and discharged from ships every year. The vast majority of containers use devices called twistlocks to keep them on board ships while at sea and on barges or on trains and trucks during inland transport. Twistlocks, and twistlock handling is dangerous, time consuming work costing shipping companies and terminal operators in excess of $5 billion annually. Shipping companies and terminal operators are actively seeking solutions to the twistlock handling problem; however, solutions to date, at best, only solve a small part of the twistlock problem. Solution: The Universal Container Locking System (UCLS) is a truly automated, fully integrated container twistlock system for shipping containers. UCLS equipped containers will significantly improve safety, environmental sustainability and productivity while converting twistlock handling costs into savings for the entire container transport community: Vessel Operators, Terminal Operators, Railroads, Road Transport.

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